Modern Alchemy is from Metro Detroit

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We are a group of Medical Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and forward thinkers from Metro Detroit, Michigan looking to make a difference in our communities through CBD.

We are from Metro Detroit, MI, USA. 

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Established on the foundations and principles of integrity, innovation, persistence and compassion, Modern Alchemy is part of a multitude of partnerships across North and South America and lead by hundreds of years of cumulative experience in hemp “seed to table” including farms and cGMP grade facilities.


Our Mission

To provide access to high-quality, innovative hemp products through Integrity, Innovation, Persistence & Compassion.

About the Modern Alchemist

Our Core Values


We believe in the integrity of elements discovered in nature. Our innovations focus on the tenants of natural science fundamentally guiding product development for safe consumer use.


Our innovations focus on the needs of the people in the community to create product solutions with science, natural elements, and evolution


We believe excellence requires persistence. We are devoted to continuing our course of actions in spite of any obstacles we must overcome in order to fulfill our mission.


We are conscious of the human element in the work that we do, and imagine the lives that we effect in every product we create and services we provide.

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